Mom power

The best self-care is preventative

Mother’s Day kicks off during National Women’s Health Week—the perfect time to honor the women we love by supporting their wellness through awareness and education. (Surprisingly, the U.S. infant and maternal mortality is among the worst of those in developed nations.) Here are a few tips for keeping happy and healthy, whether you are expecting or not.

1. Schedule an annual visit with your doctor for important screenings, counseling and immunizations.

2. Mammograms matter. One in eight American women will get a breast cancer diagnosis at some point in her lifetime, and most cases are detected by a mammogram before symptoms appear.

3. Practice self-care by eating well, exercising, reducing stress and getting enough sleep.

4. Know your rights. If you work full-time and plan to return to your job after your baby is born, look into your employer’s maternity leave policy and the policies of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.