Issue: January 10, 2019

Morning, readers!

Any of you who were around Butte County 25 years ago may remember a story the CN&R published predicting a major inferno in Paradise with mass casualties. We found the predictions and concerns scarily appropriate enough to go ahead and reprint that story this week.

In other news: As state and county officials encourage fire survivors to sign right-of-entry forms, some of our neighbors in Redding share horror stories of the cleanup following the Carr Fire and offer advice on how to avoid the same thing here; three funds merge missions to tackle long-term recovery on the Ridge; and have you heard, Chico Mall may be getting a Dave & Buster's?

There's more, to be sure.

Until next time,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor

Bonus: If you'd like to see all our Camp Fire coverage in one place, you're in luck! Go to and click on "Camp Fire Reports" under the Local Stories banner.