Issue: February 23, 2017

Morning, readers!

Let's forget about the dam for a minute ... OK, a few minutes ... and set our sights on science. Back in the day, the field was open to the everyman. Today, that's becoming true once again with the advent of technology and apps that allow for crowdsourcing information. How has scientific research changed over the years, and how are everyday nature lovers--including kids--getting in on the game? Read this week's feature story to find out.

In other news: OK, you're allowed to think about the dam again--we take a look this week at how the Oroville area has been affected by the crisis and what it means moving forward; Chico City Council votes in favor of cops, but won't discuss becoming a sanctuary city; we, the media, are not the enemy; and Chico Death Cafe prepares to discuss green burials at its upcoming meeting.

There's more, to be sure.

Read on!

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor