Issue: October 15, 2015

Morning, readers!

And I hope you're having the best morning, because I know we are! Why,

you ask? Because today's issue is our annual Best of Chico issue! You

voted--I know you did--and we tallied, and we gathered our brains

together and wrote up bios about all the first place winners so everyone

in Chico can know exactly who is the best. At everything. Enjoy.

If you're interested in news other than the Best of Chico, well, I

suppose we have some of that too. We take the City Council to task for

its inhumane anti-homeless ordinance; we look into the proposal to link

Paradise to Chico's wastewater treatment plant; and we say hello to Uber

in Chico.

Read up!

Until next time,

Meredith Cooper, associate editor