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Hats are off to those who make Chicoans healthy, happy

Chico Community Acupuncture

Chico Community Acupuncture

Photo by Howard Hardee

Hats are off to those who make Chicoans healthy, happy

Local health care provider

1ST PLACE: Argyll Medical Group

100 Independence Circle, 899-0295

Dr. Roy L. Bishop founded Argyll Medical Group in 2001, so naming the group as a tip of his hat to his Scottish heritage. Patients say they appreciate the staff's care and efficiency, and the ability to make appointments with ease. Not having to wait all day at the office is another reason patients choose to make Argyll their go-to spot for health concerns.

2ND PLACE: Mission Ranch Primary Care

114 Mission Ranch Blvd., Ste. 10, 894-0500

3RD PLACE: Enloe Medical Center

1531 Esplanade, 332-7300

General practitioner

1ST PLACE: Stuart Mishelof

100 Independence Circle, 899-2106

A physician assistant at Argyll Medical Group since 2008, Stuart Mishelof is noted for his approachability, overall knowledge and thoroughness with patients. He specializes in adult and adolescent medicine, including diabetic management, men's health, sports medicine and preventive health. Patients keep coming back because they trust Mishelof's expertise, say he's good at explaining complex issues and he's a good listener. No wonder he's a repeat winner!

2ND PLACE: Julie Archer

Archer and Alonso MDs, 1645 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 896-0386

3RD PLACE: Dr. Roy Bishop

Argyll Medical Group, 100 Independence Circle, 899-0130

Alternative health care provider

1ST PLACE: Chico Community Acupuncture

1815 Mangrove Ave., 345-5300

2ND PLACE (tie): American Chi Center for Health

1209 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 342-2895

2ND PLACE (tie): Chico Naturopathic Medicine

669 Palmetto Ave., 332-9355

Acupuncture clinic

1ST PLACE: Chico Community Acupuncture

1815 Mangrove Ave., 345-5300

Patients at Chico Community Acupuncture pay only what they can afford, $15-$35 on a sliding scale, to receive services and help. “User-friendly, community health care” is how one satisfied patient describes the center, which helps people get at the root of pain wherever it's present in the body. Other patients report less stress and faster healing times after just a few visits.

2ND PLACE: The Pinwheel Community Acupuncture Project

740 Flume St., 345-5566

3RD PLACE: American Chi Center for Health

1209 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 342-2895


1ST PLACE: Preference Chiropractic

1635 Magnolia Ave., 895-0224

Patients praise the staff and service at Preference Chiropractic, where even the check-in process is comfortable and inviting. “I have always come away feeling free of pain,” one satisfied client raved. Others call the capable staff smart, knowledgeable and especially caring. Chiropractic care for the whole family is their focus.

2ND PLACE: Tenenbaum Chiropractic

1049 Village Lane, 680-8920

3RD PLACE: Spine Chiropractic

1166 Esplanade, Ste. 2, 809-2695

Dental care

1ST PLACE: Nelsen Family Dentistry

1307 Esplanade, Ste. 4, 898-8511

The husband-and-wife team of Drs. John and Missy Nelsen are the backbone of the family-oriented Nelsen Family Dentistry, now in its 15th year. The Nelsens, along fellow dentist Tommy Farris, have a large team of friendly, professional hygienists and assistants to take expert care of their patients' teeth. Nelsen Family Dentistry provides routine cleanings, root canals, dentures and other services to keep their patients smiling.

2ND PLACE: Willow Creek Dentistry

2765 Esplanade, 891-6611

3RD PLACE: William Moon, DDS

227 W. Sixth St., 342-3525

Eye-care specialist

1ST PLACE: Chico Eye Center

605 W. East Ave., 895-1727; and 2056 Talbert Dr., Ste. 100, 893-1695

With two locations in Chico and a third in Paradise, Chico Eye Center has become a trusted name when it comes to taking care of people's eyes and vision needs. Many services are and products are offered, including contacts, cataract care and LASIK surgery, along with specialized equipment that ensures properly fitted eyewear from the center’s optical boutique. Special treatments for issues like insufficient eyelashes also are available. Friendliness, efficiency and patient-centered care are a hallmark of Chico Eye Center, and clients can even request appointments online.

2ND PLACE: Family Eye Care

2565 Ceanothus Ave., Ste. 155, 899-3939

3RD PLACE: North Valley Eye Care

114 Mission Ranch Blvd., 891-1900


Caper Acres

Photo by Paula Schultz

1ST PLACE: Dr. Patrick Tedford

643 W. East Ave., 342-0502

Dr. Patrick Tedford is a veteran pediatrician who graduated from Notre Dame University more than 40 years ago, and has overseen the health and welfare of an astounding three generations of Chicoans. It's no wonder he's been named Best Pediatrician by CN&R readers multiple times. Dr. Tedford is particularly beloved for his caring, compassionate nature and listening skills.

2ND PLACE: Dr. John Asarian

Chico Pediatrics, 10 Governors Lane, 343-8522

3RD PLACE: Dr. Paul Wassermann

1430 Esplanade, Ste. 5, 891-0553


1ST PLACE: Valley Oak Veterinary Center

2480 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, 342-7387

When the four-legged, furry residents of Chico are in need of medical care, Valley Oak Veterinary Center is the first place many of their human companions call. The state-of-the-art, impeccably clean and comfortable clinic (they even offer free cookies and coffee for humans) is open around the clock and on holidays for emergency visits.

2ND PLACE: Chico Hospital for Cats

548 W. East Ave., 892-2287

3RD PLACE: Chico Animal Hospital

3015 Esplanade, 342-0518


1ST PLACE: In Motion Fitness

1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678

In Motion Fitness is a powerhouse in the local gym world. With multiple workout rooms filled with countless cardio and weight machines, not to mention all the free weights. In addition, there are several rooms specially built for the numerous classes—from yoga and pilates to boxing and Zumba. Knowledgable staff members offer personal training sessions and are always on hand for a questioning customer. No wonder In Motion is so beloved.

2ND PLACE: Chico Sports Club

260 Cohasset Road, Ste. 190, 345-9427

3RD PLACE: North Rim Crossfit

2954 Highway 32, Ste. 900, 520-7520

Martial arts studio

1ST PLACE: Azad’s Martial Arts

313 Walnut St., Ste. 150, 892-2923

Farshad Azad, the sensei/owner of Azad's Martial Arts, is a grand master who's practiced his craft for more than 35 years. Azad shares his skills, as well as his immense knowledge about the history and philosophy of martial arts, with children and adults. The center, which is staffed by several accomplished teachers, also trains law enforcement personnel and offers classes for seniors.

2ND PLACE: Haley’s Martial Arts Center

260 Cohasset Road, 895-3114

3RD PLACE: Morning Sun Martial Arts

135 W. Eighth Ave., Ste. A, 342-5833

Massage therapist

1ST PLACE: Babette Maiss

13 Williamsburg Lane, 321-5668

German-born Babette Maiss has been practicing massage in Chico for more than 15 years, attracting a large clientele who swear by her magical hands. She is trained in and performs many kinds of massage. Her wide-ranging specialties include Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, reflexology, ortho-bionomy, prenatal and lymphatic massage.

2ND PLACE: Kristen Boberts

The Olive Branch Wellness Spa, 2889 Cohasset Road, 591-9700

3RD PLACE: Ben Beckman

Built for Body Work, 1166 Esplanade, Ste. 2, 924-0298

Yoga studio

1ST PLACE: Yoga Center of Chico

250 Vallombrosa Ave., Ste. 150, 342-0100

Tom Hess and Rex Stromness, both long-time local yogis, teamed up to create their own place dedicated to serving Chico's yoga community. Students say they like the clean and attractive studio, the helpful teachers and “soothing environment.” In addition to classes, the Yoga Center of Chico offers retreats, workshops, massage and a retail store.

2ND PLACE: In Motion Fitness

1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678

3RD PLACE: Chico Sports Club

260 Cohasset Road, 345-9427

Place for kids to play

1ST PLACE: Caper Acres

Caper Acres is a longtime winner in this category, and it's likely it will be for years to come. The fairy-tale-themed play place reopened recently after some work to install new lighting and is expected to go through a transformation in the coming years that will greatly upgrade its infrastructure. In the meantime, parents and kids (adults may enter only in the company of children) can enjoy the current fun play features, such as the slides, giant block of cheese and the boat being stalked by a giant mosaic sea serpent.

2ND PLACE: Bidwell Park

3RD PLACE: In Motion Fitness

1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678

Place to take a dip

1ST PLACE: Sycamore Pool at One-Mile Recreation Area

There's no place like Sycamore Pool in the summertime. The pool, fed by the running waters of Big Chico Creek, has been where Chicoans (and visitors from miles around) like to go to escape the blazing valley heat for generations. It's also a pleasure to visit the rest of the year for some quiet meditation and easy-to-access communion with nature.

2ND PLACE: In Motion Fitness

1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678

3RD PLACE: Bear Hole