Hey, Moe's!

Marjon Blount and Andrew Davis

Photo by whitney garcia

College students and business partners Marjon “Moe” Blount and Andrew Davis (pictured, left and right) put their young, business-savvy minds to the test when their dessert trailer, Moe's New Orleans Snoballs, made its debut this semester. They decided that Davis would focus on public relations and marketing, while Blount carried on as the operations manager. Soon, however, they realized that because of their opposite schedules and additional responsibilities, both would have to become capable in all areas of the sweet treats business. The entrepreneurs also have had to learn to navigate the requirements of acquiring a business license and a permit that allows them to operate on public property. Blount and Davis sat down with the CN&R and talked about their new venture and what it's like to operate it while also having to hit the books. Follow Moe's Snoballs on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

What’s it like being college students and business owners?

Davis: It's very difficult because it has to work around our school schedule, because school is most important. I wouldn't say that my business major has taught me a lot about business, because having a business has taught me way more. Students are our main consumer; they are the ones spending the money, and so they are the ones we try to push our product toward.

What goes into making a snoball?

Blount: It's fairly simple actually. We have a gourmet ice machine that shaves down the ice to make it a consistency like sorbet. We make the syrup ourselves and we have multiple flavors like peach, pink lemonade, mango and tiger's blood. And the New Orleans style is available, but only on request.

Why only on request?

Davis: The New Orleans style is a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center and condensed milk on top. I like to say it's a New Orleans twist on a classic American taste. By not advertising it, it makes it like a “secret menu” sort of thing. Once people know about it, they start talking about it, and the more people talk about it the more people show up.

What happens when more people show up?

Blount: We are trying to expand the things we are offering to the students. Over time, we are going to start venturing with different ice cream or shaved ice flavors, like coffee, mocha or caramel. We don't know how soon, but we hope to be bringing a Hawaiian snowball to the menu. And as we get more popular, we want to be involved with the little leagues, or churches, or other events where we can bring our product to those who have never tasted it.