The winners are crowned

All hail the kings and queens of 2015’s Best of Chico contest!

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All hail the kings and queens of 2015's Best of Chico contest!

You heard that right! The ballots have been cast and tallied, and the winners of this year's sought-after Best of Chico honors determined.

Chicoans turned out in force this year to vote for their favorite people, places and things in this fair town—and in Oroville and on The Ridge. Many also offered their reasons for choosing their faves, the best of which made it into print in this issue alongside our winner bios. One of the things we at the CN&R love about this issue is the overwhelming positivity behind it—so, thank you to everyone who voted and all who offered their thoughts on their picks. And thank you to all the winners for bringing such wonderful food, drink, entertainment, goods, services, personality and charity to Chico. Our lives are better for it.

As always, local businesses, service providers and owners worked hard this past year to earn their crowns. Congratulations to you all!