Issue: June 11, 2015

Morning, readers!

We have some great stories this week that we wholeheartedly encourage

you to sit down with in a cool, air-conditioned place. Let's see ... I

got the chance to write our feature story this week, which is about the

resurgence of downtown Oroville with the restoration of one of the

biggest landmarks there, the Oroville Inn. Efforts are also underway,

simultaneously, to renovate the oldest commercial building in Oroville,

built in 1856, on the corner of Montgomery and Myers streets. Cool stuff!

In other news: Local cyclists band together to try to put an end to bike

theft; Butte College President Kimberly Perry prepares to hit the road;

the Butte County Sheriff's Office struggles to compete, salary-wise,

with local police departments; and a staffer sights a bear on assignment

in Butte Meadows.

All that and more ...

Keep on reading on!

Meredith J. Cooper, associate editor