Issue: September 05, 2013

Dear Chico News & Review readers--

Good morning! Sip your morning cup of tea or coffee while reading our fabulous cover story, "Crops held hostage," by Chris Parker. The story--which originally appeared in the Village Voice in a longer version--gets down to the nitty-gritty about "how Monsanto developed its stranglehold on the nation's food supply," as its subheadline puts it. Other GMO-related pieces in this issue are our Guest Comment, "The positive side of GMOs," and Streetalk (in the print version only), which asked locals "What's your take on GMOs?"

Newslines leads off with News Editor Tom Gascoyne's "A matter of minutes," which takes a look at the lengthy delay on the part of city clerks to post City Council-meeting minutes. CN&R intern Katherine Green follows Gascoyne with her story about the recent Labor Day-weekend tube-float on the Sacramento River, in light of the alcohol ban put in place covering the river and its banks. Rounding out the news section, Staff Writer Ken Smith offers two interesting stories: "Strange bedfellows" and "Creek conservation"; the former covers the recent local protest against a possible U.S. military strike on Syria, the latter the recent acquisition of land along Little Chico Creek by the Northern California Regional Land Trust. (Smith's third story in this issue, in the Arts & Culture section, is "The happening," a review of the annual Butcher Shop theater-and-music extravaganza.)

In Healthlines, we offer contributor Evan Tuchinsky's "A century of care," a nice overview of the history of Enloe Medical Center on its 100th anniversary (along similar centennial lines, in Arts & Culture, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy's story, "Full of life," celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Chico Women's Club). My feature story in Greenways, "Solar slow food," centers around Sherwood Montessori charter school's latest culinary acquisition, a solar oven (and there's a great recipe for ratatouille pizza included!).

Also in A&C, check out contributor Juan-Carlos Selznick's review--"All fall down"--of Woody Allen's latest film, Blue Jasmine, which is playing locally. (For some more ideas on fun things to do this week, take a look at the "picks" in our Calendar section.)

Enjoy the cool September mornings...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor