Doug of all trades

Douglas H. Melloy

Photo By vic cantu

Author, philosopher, percussionist, spiritual talk-show host and karate black-belt: Douglas H. Melloy (aka “Dougie Slap”) may be new to town, but he brings with him a set of talents that should endear him to locals in no time. The 56-year-old moved to Chico a year and a half ago. He’s written 15 books (a handful of which are available at, with titles such as The Nature of the Self and the Social Evolution of Humanity and The Bible: What Does it Mean? When if Not Now? He also hosts a weekly spiritual podcast—visit www.blogtalkradio and search “Dougie Slap.”

Describe your writing.

My writing is about personal and social evolution. Almost every sentence is an aphorism. They are about the will, love, light and consciousness as mind, body, spirit and soul.

Do you consider yourself a religious person?

I don’t practice any one religion. I was raised a Christian Scientist and left the church but still lean toward it. I’ve practiced Hinduism and Buddhism. I’ve read the Koran, the Bible and New Age literature. I practice meditation and use “vision boards”—where I attach pictures of what I want from life to a board, such as my surroundings or money, and look at it regularly to focus my intention.

What’s your occupation?

I’m a caregiver to a lady I’ve known for 40 years. And at the Thursday Night Market, I help tend the booth for Sipho’s Restaurant and Café. I also have a spiritual BlogTalkRadio show Tuesdays, 3-4:30 p.m., called Welcome to My Point of View with host Dougie Slap.

You play music, too?

I’ve played the congas for 20 years. I also play bongos, timbales and steel drums. My favorite music is reggae because of its feel, spirituality and social awareness. But I love playing new music genres. The other day I played Irish music for the first time with The Pub Scouts. Their organizer, Michael Cannon, said I was perfect and invited me to play their regular Friday gigs at Duffy’s Tavern.

Have your books sold well?

Not really. I don’t promote myself, but I hope my books touch the lives of everyone on the planet. It’s just a matter of time until my books become successful.

What’s your life philosophy?

The measure of someone is the contribution they make to their fellow man without expectation. I advise people to feel something real, think something true, then share them in ways that are kind and conducive. My message for humanity is in my book, Love and Wisdom Are the Art of Appropriateness.

How do you apply your philosophy in the world?

[By teaching] my views to others. I once had a job in Rome, Ga., at a crisis center for youth where I created and taught a different social skill to the kids each day for a year. I loved it and felt that is what I’m here to do—to teach others.