We’re in the money?

Financial Website ranks Chico No. 1 in nation for income growth

Chico was recently ranked No. 1 on a national list of 20 cities titled “Cities with the Fastest Growing Incomes” on the financial-advisory website NerdWallet.com. To compile the list, the site ranked the cities in terms of growth in median earnings for workers between 2007 and 2011; in that time, the website says, Chico’s median income increased by 32 percent.

The catch? Chico’s median income in 2007 was a paltry $15,898 (beaten out for the lowest spot in the top 20 list only by Gainesville, Fla.) and increased to $20,979 in 2011. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the national median income of a non-family household last year was $30,880.