Some lose, most win with Obamacare

Three percent of Americans stand to “lose” with new health-care policy

According to projections made by economist Jonathan Gruber (architect of both Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health-care plan and President Obama’s Affordable Care Act) in a recent New Yorker blog post by Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza, approximately 3 percent of the population—about 9 million Americans—will come out potential “losers” in the wake of health-care policy changes. Here is the breakdown of winners, losers and those “unaffected” by Obamacare:

80%: Unaffected (largely those who keep current plan)

14%: Winners (uninsured with access to new ACA policy )

3%: Little-to-no consequence (new individual plans similar to former)

3%: Potential “losers” (pay more for new individual plan—but get higher quality)

Sources: and Justin Wolfers (economic fellow at Brookings Institution) via Twitter—@JustinWolfers.