Not making the grade

New Ed-Data report says CUSD hasn’t made adequate progress

The Chico Unified School District “has not met all requirements for 2013 Adequate Yearly Progress as determined by the California Department of Education,” according to a recent report from Ed-Data. The report noted that CUSD student “subgroups”—based on disability, English-language status, ethnicity and socioeconomic disadvantage—did not meet the required participation rate of 95 percent in English/language-arts; nor did they meet “annual measurable objectives” in English/language arts.

Subgroups “must have a 95 percent participation in both English/language arts and math in order to make Adequate Yearly Progress,” the report pointed out. The CUSD, which receives Title I funding, is now in its third year of Program Improvement (PI). According to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, if a school district does not improve adequately after two years of PI, it faces such sanctions as staff replacement, new curriculum and/or public supervision of schools.