Oprah earns nine Big Macs per second

Measuring the income of famous people in millions-per-year is impressive sounding enough to most regular folks, but breaking down the salaries of the stars into an hourly wage and comparing it to that of Joe and Josephina Average is obscene. is a Web site that provides “employee compensation data, software and services,” and for some reason part of that service includes a “salary timer” program where you can compare your salary with those of famous rich people and watch the two accrue side-by-side in real-time. Even more fun is the “Burg-o-meter,” which does the same real-time comparison, but with things like Big Macs or VW Beetles instead of dollars. Below we’ve plugged the average newspaper drone’s salary into the program and found out how we stack up to the rich and famous in earnings-per-30-seconds.

Name: Annual Income Hourly Wage* $/30sec. Big Macs Barbies Nike Air Jordans

Oprah Winfrey: $162 million $81,600/hr. $679.99 273 52 4 pairs

Tiger Woods: $72.2 million $38,600/hr. $321.66 129 24 2 pairs

Rolling Stones: $44.3 million $22,150/hr. $184.58 74 14 1 pair

Howard Stern: $30.1 million $15,050/hr. $125.41 50 9 .75 pair

Olson Twins: $17 million $8,500/hr. $70.83 28 5 1 shoe

Mandy Moore: $2.5 million $1,250/hr. $10.41 4 ? doll no shoes

Joe Newspaper: $22,000 $11/hr. $00.09 sorry nope in yer dreams

*Based on a 40-hour work week.