Thirty seconds on the clock

It’s just about that time of year again, when millions of football fans pull out the team gear, TV trays, snack bowls, cases of beer and soda … and the catheter, so as to not miss one single Super Bowl commercial! With the cost of a 30-second spot at an all time high of $2.4 million (a similar spot during Super Bowl I in 1967 cost $42,000), the spotlight is brighter than ever, and Anheuser-Busch is hogging most of it, buying up a total of 10 spots. And with a Janet Jackson parody promised, the beer giant is primed to top last year’s dog-biting-crotch masterpiece. Below is sneak peek at what to expect from the 58 national 30-second commercials planned for the Super Bowl XXXIX.

Honda: Launch of the Ridgeline, Honda’s first pickup truck.

Anheuser-Busch: One of 10 spots will parody last year’s Janet Jackson half-time boob show.

National Football League: Tied into the playoff theme of “Building Bridges,” several hollywood stars—Benjamin Bratt, Dylan McDermott, Renee Russo and Don Cheadle (who also directs the spots)—take us into the minds of legendary football players. Each spot ends with the tagline: “The Playoffs are where moments are made. What’s next?”

Emerald Nuts: Mythological icons, from Santa Claus to a unicorn to the Easter Bunny, will be featured.

FedEx: Two words: Burt Reynolds.

Frito-Lay: One word and two initials: M. C. Hammer.

Subway: The beginning of a new campaign that does not feature Jared!

Pepsi/iTunes: Pepsi is reportedly revisiting the campaign it kicked off during last year’s Super Bowl with its Apple iTunes music download cross-promotion. Last year’s controversial ads featured real-life teens who had been sued for illegally downloading music.

Info collected from, and CNN Money.