whole lotta nuthin’ for Christmas

Here’s a little song to help get you into the holiday spirit (to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”): “Shopping like Santa’s zombies/ Sent our budget down in flames/ But all our Christmas spirit/ Helped the giant retails chains.” Sing it. Sing it! That modern variation of a holiday classic is brought to you by the good folks at, and if you’re like them, your holiday soul is growing weak feeding on the empty calories of the over-commercialized Christmas season. If you want a change but you don’t know where to turn, follow the links below and shed the extra pounds before they pile up on your next Visa Started by Canadian Mennonites to spread the message of saying “‘no’ to the patterns of over-consumption of middle-class North Americans.” Lot’s of resources, including alternative (no-cost) gift suggestions.

Site: What’s the deal? Working in tandem with Plus, “Zenta” the Zen-Santa They really hate Christmas. Stock up on your “Boycott Christmas” posters and stickers. Site for The Center For a New American Dream, “[helping] Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.” Helpful publications, including a free download of “Simplify the Holidays.” Naughty Santa mayhem. Christmas anarchy! “NYPD arrested Reverend Billy for exorcising a Starbucks cash register.” Won’t somebody think about the trees?!?