What got sent

At the end of December the folks behind Project Save All Valuable Equipment emptied their warehouse on Highway 32 just past East Avenue and shipped its contents to Malaysia, by way of the American Buddist Seminary in West Sacramento for eventual arrival in Thailand. Heading up the local effort is Janice Walker, wife of Dr. David Walker. The equipment is collected from area medical institutions, including hospitals and nursing homes, and supplied by the Professional Hospital Services. Here is a partial list of what was in some of the 281 boxes that were sent Dec. 31.

Surgical masks
Disposable surgical instuments
IV sets
Chest drainage kits
C-section kits
Plastic pitchers and basins
Surgical gloves and caps
Needles and syringes
Wound care (gauze, tape, bandages)
Casting supplies
Colostomy supplies
Stockinette rolls
Breathing circuits
Antiseptic soap
Othopedic supplies
Pediatric supplies
Hospital beds
Feeding tubes