News jobs dwindle

Photographer, reporter positions continue to decline

Jobs in the newspaper business have been dwindling for the past decade, especially for photographers. According to the American Society of News Editors, the number of newspaper photographer, artist and videographer jobs has dropped by 43 percent since 2000, from 6,171 to 3,493. Though more reporter and writer jobs have been lost in the same time (25,593 to 17,422), the relative percentage is 32 percent. Jobs for copy editors, layout editors and online producers have dropped by 27 percent (10,901 to 7,980). Those numbers have leveled off a bit in the past three years, with photographer jobs dropping at an 18 percent clip, and reporter and writer positions slowing to a 6 percent slide, while copy and layout editor and online producer jobs fell at a negligible 0.2 percent. The greater loss of photographer jobs is attributed to the tremendous increase in technology and social media that allow nonprofessional photographers to capture and post images.

Source: Pew Research Center