Music Revolution Part 1

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Ten years ago, when I started the Music Revolution in the downtown Park Plaza, there was no Thursday night market, and the Friday concerts, though packed, was where the “squares” hung out. At that time my shows were on Tuesdays and called the Tuesday Night Chico Community Revival Series. You were allowed to drink booze in the park and the crowds were diverse and thick and everyone let their freak flags fly. The line-ups varied, featuring bands like the Mother Hips one week and Buzzwurm the next. Despite the wide range of music, it seemed like everyone knew each other, and musicians would come down just to check out what other musicians were doing.

Somewhere along the way we got switched to Wednesdays. Truth is that, for the first two years, every time the City Council would hold a “call-in and talk to your officials” night, by coincidence Trench would be playing in the park, and their psychic assault would jam the phone lines. Every year, some city person would run over screaming for us to turn it down. By this time, beer was no longer allowed in the park (you could note 1994 as the year the community lost its rights to party), but the series remained strong.

Last year, after a failed attempt at alternating between Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Music Revolution found itself desperately seeking a day that worked. Now, after 10 years and 500 bands (for free) in the park, the Music Revolution is busy establishing itself on Saturday nights. And my question is: Where are the people who support local music? Where are the musicians looking to check out our best bands in the best venue in town? Where are all the dancers who love to get a groove on?

June’s line-up is phenomenal. On June 1st, returning for a brief visit to Texas, is Claire Hamilton, the voice behind Honey, Mavis Beacon and many other bands. She will open up at 6 p.m. sharp for a short set, then it’s the roots reggae of Dub Revolution in one of its last shows. June 8th features Harpoon (formerly Juice), a Chico band that used to fill the clubs and has resurfaced with its unique brand of funk and hip-hop. June 15th is a double header with MC Grits and Pyrx, two bands that will show the true meaning of soulmanship. June 22nd is another duo, featuring Kenny Cartlidge’s Jug Band and the fresh funk of Chocolate Hukah Rebirth. And then, on June 29th, it’s a hot fresh band called Thirst and jam band legends Freedom Tribe. We then take the summer off till mid August with our 10-year celebration. So bring the blankets, the kids and all your friends for a great time in the park.