Nowhere is now here

The Music Revolution Starts May 11th with Loose Booty; volunteer at

Vacations appear as frequently in my life as the cicada. So I’m happy to say I have just returned from a warm retreat; now back to business. Tonight (Thursday) is the start of the fourth Nowhere X Nowhere, and those of you who follow this column (God bless ya) know that I have gone through as many twists and turns on this event as a frog in a blender. We will have films during the day featuring the best of the last three festivals and new debuts as well from local filmmakers. The nights are dedicated to music, and if you don’t come and plop down a measly few bucks to get in, you’re off my friends list.

Speaking of lists, anyone who wants to be “in the know” about the goings-on in Chico needs to check out and get on the e-mail list. It’s pretty up to date and comprehensive and totally put together by Micah Warren (Face Down), Vanessa (who books Moxie’s) and the ubiquitous Zeke (Stars upon Thars). Together they form a volunteer-based site that try’s to stay abreast of Chico’s growing scene. Not since the paper out of paradise called The Beak has there been such a seemingly innocent list service.

A while back I quoted a secret expatriate who landed in L.A. and was reflecting on the difference between the two cultures. Well, Deep Throat be damned, the culprit was Matt Baldoni, who hit us with so many styles of guitar while he was here (Warcry, Coot Dog Project) that he was impossible to pin down. Apparently his ferocious style paid off for him as a studio musician in Lala Land, as he will be on these albums being released in the coming year: Zach Domb (pop songwriter), DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit), Busta Rhymes, and young R&B sensation KoKo.

Did I mention that Nowhere X Nowhere is $5 a day or $10 for all four days? You cannot afford NOT to go! Speaking of ghetto, famous filmmaker and producer Hayward Collins is coming to town with the premiere of his film Compton 902911. The premiere will host stars of the film Fred Berry (What’s Happening star Rerun, pictured), Tiny Lister Jr. (the monstrous Deebo from Ice Cube’s Friday series) and others. Check out Not since Errol Flynn impregnated half of the available women in Chico has such a gala time occurred. Stay tuned for more details.