Rhymes with orange

Find out about the upcoming release from Jewppy Jew and Dr. Dreydel at DNA@Shocking.com.
Catherine Beeghly, an old-school Chico news maven and community theater actor, is the guide for the new Historic Walking Tours of Downtown. Having spent years as a tour guide at Bidwell Mansion, Catherine decided to take her knowledge to the street. You can contact her at (530) 345-8020 or e-mail tours@chico.com. She will gladly answer your inquisitive ponderings with delightful anecdotes and stories while dressed in costumes of days gone past. Be sure to ask, “If a giant was buried under Chico and those are his hands, then wouldn’t the Senator Tower have been his penis?” And, “How come the Downtown Plaza has no public toilets?” And, “Who are those people holding signs across the street from Duffy’s?” Here’s my favorite: “What are you wearing under those bloomers?”

You can take an acoustic tour of Chico with the new CD by local rapper Faydog. “Took a trip down to Island Smoothies, checking honey with the giant boobies.” Yes, Casey Fay, son of Chico stalwart and perennial drummer Jimmy Fay, has released his own 51/2-inch plastic. In case you were caught dozing with your drawers down, the underground hip-hop scene in Chico is making gurgling noises as it slurps down beers swiped from your fridge. Faydog, Thug E. Fresh and G-Pek are not only packing the clubs, but also getting play on Colors radio. Veterans of the scene Heathakilla and MC Shecky (a.k.a. The Becky Sagers) are guiding these young stars and getting the proper respect that dons of the scene should get. It’s like Chico has its own Buena Vista Socially Drunk Club. Everyone’s solo album is available at Paradise Lost, the cool specialty video and DVD store on Flume.

I say it as I play it, and Paradise Lost owners Manny and Nellie have one of the best stores to open in Chico. So rip up your Blockbuster card and go check out their nifty collection. I mean, how many times have you ended up with a $20 late fee from the corporate vidiots? Do us all a favor and stroll on over to Paradise Lost, rent a cool Asian or foreign film, and get a local hip-hop CD, all for under $8! Twenty-first-century technology at 19th-century prices!