DNA’s summer vacation

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There’s been a question floating around my head for a long time. To sum it up in a tidy bundle, the question is, “Why?” Why anything. Why do we do the things we do? At the new offering of the Blue Room Theatre, Betty’s Summer Vacation, local director Betty Burns gives it to us straight between the eyes. Written by Christopher Durang (a “sick f**k,” says Ms. Burns), the play doesn’t give up any solutions but wraps grim situations in colorful beach wear. And isn’t that what we have all come to accept as normal? Murder, rape, and incest hold our attention every day as we watch the news and read the papers. Like a biblical passion play that we cannot seem to turn our eyes from, Americans thrive on the misfortunes of others.

Tonight also opens the first in-house theatrical production at the Senator Theatre in over 45 years. Written by Stewart Parker and directed by our own illustrious Jerry Miller, Spokesong is a coming to terms with the passion that is harbored in each of our souls. The play runs April 25-28, with a matinee on Sunday. Spokesong coincides with the Wildflower Century bike race, a magnificent coming together of bicycle enthusiasts. Props to Ed McLaughlin and Chico Velo for creating such a cool Chico event.

And a big shout out to Jersey Joe, who is throwing a big party at Scooters Café on Hwy. 70 on Saturday, April 27. By featuring the talents of some new and old jam bands like Buffalo Creek, Shellack Factor, Pyrex and Chingus, Jersey Joe has really created a nice festival. As anyone who follows my column knows, there are all kinds of promoters, but Jersey Joe is doing it the right way, from the heart! Camping and much more under the moon. Look for flyers around town or call Scooters.

And I can’t say enough about how there seems to be a great Renaissance of music around town right now. Dustin at The Catacombs, Vanessa at Moxie’s, the guys at the Brick and LaSalles and the gang at Stormy’s. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The Red Room (yup, the old Juanita’s) is gearing up with a fat sound system and starting to have bands!