If I only had a brain

My head all full of stuffin’ with DNA@shocking.com.
Butte College is going to have a reenactment of the Civil War on its campus. Have I become a prude or does the idea of a bunch of men who are exceptionally eager to dress up as Confederate soldiers sound like poor taste? Yes I know the South loses the battle, but what do we really learn from this spectacle? Will Chico State soon host a reenactment of Custer’s last stand, or will PV host a thoroughly life-like simulation of horrific images of World War II? At a moment when our nation is coming to grips with the reality that we are already at war, despite the headlines’ lack of confirmation, do we really need to step back to a worse period in time?

Halloween is just around the corner, and we should all make it our responsibility to watch out for each other on what could be a classic evening. Rest assured, national headlines might have captured our No. 2 position in Playboy, but if the deal goes down the way many are talking this Oct. 31st, we will become No. 1 nationally in the “Students Gone Wild” department. It won’t matter if the mayhem is ignited by over-anxious police or skunked-up out-of-towners. The blame will fall squarely on the students, which will result in an attempt to totally obliterate all things in town that were once fun. Do not let Halloween become the new Pioneer Days.

Gotta love Mr. Lucky for bringing Pep Torres to town on Hallows Eve. Pep is young, has got soul and can play guitar better than Matt Hogan, though I’m sure Matt would be the first to admit this. You want to see what it would have been like to catch Elvis when he was till young and vital, catch Pep. He’s peppy.

You owe it to yourself to go see the Blue Room’s latest fanfare Dracula. And Chico Cabaret is bringing The Rocky Horror Picture Show to its stage for an extended run. This is a live-action (no movie) version of the story, done similar to the Broadway production, but with local actors and musicians. Yes I know, CNN is fascinating, and at Civil War reenactments they have turkey dogs, but go see some theater this month! And besides, with the largest meat recall in the history of the U.S., you might want to stick to Budweiser and peanuts.