Saturday in the park

Clip and save this one! And write
The Saturday Night Music Revolution has two more shows scheduled for the 2002 season. This Saturday, Oct. 12, from 6-8:30 p.m. are locals Magic Theatre, a great rock band that reminds me of Steppenwolf and has been busy touring around the country this summer. With a real lull in the so-called “jam band” market of Chico, you owe it to yourself to shop around with what we do have, and Magic Theatre is one of the hardest-working bands in that genre. The show also opens with a straight-up rock-n-roll band from SF called Petrol that features a player from Windcave, if you all remember them.

And then, on the 12th we take a break while the Chili Cook-off expels its aroma over the park. What can one say about Tower Records boss and Chili Cook-off Pioneer Lynn Brown that hasn’t been muttered before? The guy is ornery, cantankerous and a real ball-buster, but he is also one of the most generous people in the “scene” and through things like the live stage in Tower and the Chili Cook-off he is also instrumental in creating a vibrant downtown (and like most of us he does it at as his own expense). So come to the plaza and eat some chili prepared by the best bean cookers in the county. And the music and raffle also rule!!

Then, on the Saturday before Halloween, the finale of the 2002 Music Revolution season brings a show that cannot be topped. First up it’s N.B.H.I.A. (you really don’t want to know what it stands for). These guys have been working on their CD all summer, have a great Chico anthem called “Drinkin’ All Night,” and promise to finish their set without at least one member running off the stage early. Next it’s the band with the best outfits featuring Chico legends McKinley, Bragg and Wilson called the Snores. More effects pedals than Rush! Filling in the next slot, another band of Chico ex-rockpatriates, Pop Secret, and you can believe the hype, but I’ll deal with the reality, they give all they got each show. Topping it off is Razor Death Squad. Bassist Billy "Peaches" Keller is moving onto a new project after this show, so come see his farewell performance. RDS was my choice to end this season, as they are one of the freakiest live acts in town. Beware!!!