Top of the world, Ma!

How little we know with
Local artist Dylan Tellesen has transformed Moxie’s Café into a living mural of his trademark swirling muted colors, portraits and interesting phrases. Originally Dylan had opened the wall up to the public to paint whatever they liked. Unbeknownst to the aspiring artists, Dylan’s plan was to “paint over” almost everything that anyone else did, allowing for only the subtlest of outside art to peek through. It was a cheap lesson in non-attachment for many. For what is art if not impermanent, and isn’t this true of life as well? We are, and everything we do, but a blip on the screen. Since we are but one planet in a Universe of Universes, how attached can we be to a swipe of pigment on a coffee shop wall?

Now that I’ve minimized all of humanity, let’s get down to what it’s all about. I had the most amazing grub the other night at the Shadetree Restaurant. It was Eggplant Parmesan over a bed of spaghetti that was so far above anything that I’ve eaten in years that it momentarily caused me to have hope for this little mud ball we call Earth. If hostile forces ever invade us, this Shadetree dish might be our saving grace!

North Magnetic absolutely tore it up in the park the other night, reminding me why I’ve been doing it for free for 10 years. And if that weren’t enough to come check out a show, The Becky Sagers newest addition (no, not DJ Goodburger), baby Cohen Morano, made his first onstage rapping appearance. After cooing a few well placed semi-words he refused to give up the mike. Like father like son!

Scientists have “proven” that there is no such thing as near-death experiences (sorry, Dan Cohen). It’s just a bunch of neurons firing as the brain asphyxiates. I know that my father, before he died, had an experience of floating above the doctors and entering a door that led to a room filled with flowers. This gave way to another room filled with even more beautiful bouquets. At last he came to a door that he knew if he entered he would not return. I know that this experience gave him an easier transition toward death. And this vision came from a man whose idea of fun was rubbing a grapefruit in my face, à la James Cagney.

This is the last weekend to see The Sopranos meet The Twilight Zone live on stage at the Senator Theatre, Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. For god’s sake get off your duffs for an hour!