Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

I can’t play guitar. OK, I can, I just never practice enough to be any good. But strap on a fake guitar with colorful buttons and trance me out on a TV screen and I rock—the game even tells me so. I got Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock a few months ago for Wii and was hooked. So when the Aerosmith version came out, I jumped in line. The game sort of follows the career path of the band, and while some favorites seem to be missing, a lot of the greatest hits are here, including “Love in an Elevator,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Back in the Saddle.” Between levels, there are snippets of interviews with the band, and a handful of bonus tracks are available as well. I started out on medium and aced it in a day, which was disappointing—it’s definitely not as difficult as Legends of Rock. In addition to Aerosmith songs, there are other goodies, like “Hard to Handle” by The Black Crowes and Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing.” I’m gong to try it on hard and maybe if I practice enough fake guitar I can make it in the Guitar Hero circuit.