Lucid: Absinthe Supérieure

Imported by Viridian Spirits

Absinthe owes its urban-legend status to the herb wormwood, which supposedly drove drinkers insane with hallucinations. But what good alcohol doesn’t? Turns out it’s not the wormwood that’ll knock you on your butt; it’s the delicious flavor from a 124 proof bottle that’s the real devil. One of the first absinthes legally imported into the U.S. in more than 90 years, Lucid is a taste of history. Crafted from 100-year-old recipes and created in a restored distillery in France, Lucid is heavy on the licorice. Occasionally the subtleties of anise and wormwood are overpowered, but the complexity works overall. Add water and Lucid gives a slow, clean transition from light green to milky and opalescent. Don’t light it on fire, that’s so Hollywood, and don’t expect to see Green Fairies. Just sit back and join history for a drink.