Activision and Infinity Arts

Xbox 360; Playstation 3; Nintendo DS

Long gone are the days of hi-def storyline video transition clips between mission levels that erode into Pong-type graphics for game play. The photo-realistic graphics of Call of Duty 4 are outstanding. You’ll battle terrorists, royal military guards, combat-hardened mercenaries and sweatsuit-wearing thugs who are smart and want to end your existence as much as you want to end theirs. Throughout dramatic and realistic combat scenes, you are required to sprint at times, lay prone and completely still, shoot through doors to kill hidden enemies, throw back grenades and sluggishly lug a Javelin around to destroy advancing enemy armor. The best of the Call of Duty series offers stand-alone Arcade Mode and cooperative two-player modes (console and online). CD4 is a good first-person shooter, and a better cooperative multiplayer synchronized combat game. I recommend the “Hell From Above” mission that features manning the AC-130’s 40mm with the assistance of black/white thermal imagery and dry, dispassionate conversations between fellow flight crew.