Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia

SouthPeak Games

Xbox 360

In the early ’90s, a game titled Zombies Ate My Neighbors served up tongue-in-cheek gore that parodied the horror genre. Consider Monster Madness the distant, slightly inbred, next-gen cousin. An endless supply of villainous hellions is a good match for the zany weapons at your command, which you’ll need as you fight to survive the expansive levels. Unfortunately the monster spiders you face aren’t the only bugs that inhabit this game. The laughably obvious bugs—an odd play control and overly sensitive vehicle controls—make this game frustrating for all the wrong reasons; but the unique humor, continual action and offline multiplayer mode make it to die for. Stockpile the Mountain Dew and barricade yourself inside the house with friends—the spirit of Zombies is back.