I’m From Rolling Stone

I’m From Rolling Stone follows six Rolling Stone magazine interns vying for a job by the end of the summer. The candidates range from New York City slam poet Tika Milan to UC Berkeley’s Pete Maiden, whose homoerotic beer bonging with fellow frat brothers nearly causes him to miss editor Jann Wenner’s call and invitation. Early on, the inexperience of the candidates is evident. Krishtine DeLeon puts so much effort into attitude and “acceptance” by her subjects (namely rapper El-P) that she finds herself having to call for a second interview to fill in the holes of the first attempt. Shaggy, wide-eyed indie-rocker Colin Stutz fails to prepare questions for his interview in Toronto with We Are Scientists and instead awkwardly comments that he owns a shirt exactly like one worn by a member of the band. It doesn’t help that the band members cop an air of superiority, toying with the young writer like a cat would a crippled bird. The show is sometimes entertaining—but at its core rock ’n’ roll was about rebellion, and MTV and Rolling Stone lost that angle long ago.