The current issue’s cover story is a career-spanning interview with Bruce Springsteen complemented by your choice of a CD of 15 seminal blues and folk tracks including songs by Leadbelly, Jelly Roll Morton and Woody Guthrie, or a 15-song CD of modern folkies including Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes and Black Mountain. Either CD is well worth the $8.99 cover price, but the magazine also offers a feature article that delivers a clear-eyed look into the drug hazed life of former Libertines and current Babyshambles leader and Kate Moss boyfriend Pete Doherty, as well as a long, thoughtfully conducted and fascinating interview with one of hip-hop’s founding fathers, Chuck D. And for those fascinated by what the stars listen to, there’s a “Best Thing I Heard This Year” list with commentary by everyone from Ray Davies to Wayne Coyne to Yoko Ono, and a top 50 album of the year list that sets Antony and the Johnson’s I Am a Bird Now in the No. 1 position and Kaiser Chiefs’ Employment at No. 50. Not to mention scores of concise CD and DVD reviews, and a mini-feature about Syd Barret among much else. The best rock magazine going, by far.