Craft Corner Deathmatch

Wed., 10 p.m.
Style Network

Set amid steel cages, a rabid chanting audience, wild lights and a bedraggled, makeup-smeared assistant named Amber (pictured above), Craft Corner Deathmatch is the latest—and weirdest—offering in the do-it-yourself TV ratings grab. With an anti-Martha Stewart vibe, two crafters go head-to-head making mosaics, “Schmarbie” doll clothes, wrapping paper and other crap, with the winner (determined by C-list celeb judges) going on to face the “Craft Lady of Steel.” Host Jason Jones, channeling Adam Sandler to the point of self-embarrassment, offers light cursing, insults and snide comments (“an Asian theme? Isn’t that a little racist?”), karate kicks and the opportunity for contestants to pick a craft theme out of his pants pockets. His tag line at the end of each show is, “It’s cheaper and easier just to buy stuff.” It’s a fun show, different, and seemingly aimed at those hip, twentysomethings who have taken up knitting as their hobby du jour. New shows debut Wednesday nights at 10.