Chunklet good-naturedly mocks an indie rock community that sometimes takes itself too seriously. No band or subject is too sacred to escape the aim of publisher/editor Henry H. Owings. Previous issues saw Owings and company compiling lists of what bands should be paid to not play (Modest Mouse and Tom Waits receiving $2,500 per band member), as well as an entertaining and hilarious ranking of the biggest assholes in rock (including Steve Albini and Catpower’s Chan Marshall). This issue pays homage to overrated drummers (Rush’s Neil Peart for his lack of passion and cringe-worthy lyrics), overrated albums before 1991 (The Doors’ entire output, Fugazi’s 13 songs), and 1,000 unrelated overrated things (tooth: bicuspid; Canadian: Paul Schaffer). There are also interviews with Comedians Sarah Silverman and Bob Odenkirk, a great photo essay of offensive bumper stickers, brutal jokes to tell at a Christian Rock Music Festival, and a satirical instructional for singers called “Work that Shaft.” Local artists Matt Loomis and [CN&R freelancer] Aye Jay are also contributors.