Bacardi ciclon rum

Bacardi premium gold rum infused with blue-agave tequila and lime juice
¡Olé! Looking to liven up Cinco de Mayo this year? Try this new 70-proof Puerto Rican rum mixed with lime juice and blue-agave tequila—which I’m about to do now. Mmmmm. Smooth first taste offers tart touch of lime with dry, herbal undertones—I’m cringing like a baby. Goes good with Sprite over ice, sour mix with a splash of triple sec (margarita), cranberry juice with Sprite (Thunderdome). I know, rum is a sweetheart’s drink usually reserved for fruity, sugary concoctions that make my stomach hate me. But here you get the tequila thrown in like an unleashed midget Mexican wrestler double-teaming you with a chair. Hit me again. What up, baby? Yeah, why don’t you shut your stupid mother*$#5 before I put this computer down and … No, why don’t you move to France—hey! Don’t turn your …