Biofilm, Inc.
Created by NASA scientist Daniel Wray, Astroglide is a non-toxic personal lubricant that bills itself as "second only to nature." This water-based substance feels a bit like a heavier-consistency baby oil when between your fingers (though that’s not where it usually ends up). The official instructions for the lubricant, which is available in a 2.35-ounce bottle at most drug stores, say to place a drop or two in the genital area but to be careful for spills because the substance is "extrememly slippery"—which is true; you never know what you might slip into if you find yourself in a puddle of Astroglide. The great thing about this stuff is that it never gets sticky, even after hours of use. Other official uses besides sex include sweetening the insertion of rectal thermometers, tampons, douches and enemas. This stuff is not just for "dry wall" types; Astroglide has experienced a resurgence thanks to what a drop or two inside a condom will do for males (note that it won’t weaken latex, so little Jimmy stays safe). Like good cologne—if you follow the "little dab will do ya" principle—this stuff can last a long time. The bottle pictured has been on my shelf for over a year and represents the most good times I’ve ever squeezed out of $8.