Found Magazine

“Dear Irishman and Scrud. Thank you for the belt. And the knife. I like you. I wish you would come over—we will have a water melon. Love, Donald K. I love you very. … P.S. very much.” On the bus, in restaurants, in the copy store, people are communicating, exchanging information, notes and photographs, and if you keep your head down there are treasures to be found. Before you tape anything to the fridge, send it to Found Magazine (as Terry McCants did with the above note from Issue Three). Added up in cut-and-past collages of torn-up photos, crumpled letters and stained to-do lists, these irregularly published collections tell stories, not only through the individual items’ content, but also in guessing what circumstances may have led to their being lost. A Found book has just been published, and the Web site ( has archives of found photos and notes as well as the “Find of the Week.” Order the book ($11.20) at and the magazine ($7 for one, $21.21 for all three) at the Web site or by mail: 3455 Charing Cross Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1911.