Fairchild/Conde Nast

Most parenting magazines just make you feel like a crappy mom. Cookie makes you feel like a broke, crappy mom. The magazine, which premiered last month, aims to appeal to older moms with money who don’t want to give up the lifestyle they enjoyed before baby. Cookie gets credit for breaking out of the recycled-story mold of parenting mags. The layout is slick and readable, and some of the articles are fun (the wave of “tot-rock” concerts; deciphering the array of book award seals) while others are not realistic for any mom I know (a wine-and-cheese party for a 1-year-old’s birthday; exotic family vacations). Dads might appreciate the column about how to keep sex hot when you’re not really in the mood. (“Rear entry minimizes the need for excited facial expressions.”) If yours is a world where everyone has a $900 Bugaboo stroller, a $7,800 couch (white, no less), $195 cashmere stuffed pony and $50 silver baby spoons, you’ll love it—have the nanny pick you up a copy.