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In the wilderness of television reality shows, the Science Channel’s Survivorman is without question the alpha male. If there are any doubts, just place yourself within the premise: You’ve been plopped down in the middle of one of the world’s most remote, wild and harsh environments, such as the Arctic, the Canadian Rockies, the Sonoran Desert, a Georgia swamp or the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Now, imagine you have no supplies—no food, no water, no tools, no matches—and you have to figure out how to eat, sleep and survive for an entire week. Sounds tough, right? Now add being completely alone and having to cart around 50 pounds of camera gear and batteries, spending more than half your time in the wild setting up and filming the show yourself. Yeah, Survivorman is that badass, and fast-thinking host/Guinea pig Les Stroud is a bona fide stud, and he’s funny, too. Marching through a winter-bound forest in Northern Ontario in the “Winter Plane Crash” episode/scenario, Stroud makes the most ridiculously gigantic fire with a pile of trees stacked up, making a body-length heater to sleep by, quipping that to stay warm in such an environment, “size does matter.”