Bomberman Land

Nintendo Wii


Ever wonder what the Bomberman series would look like without a bomb in sight? Surprisingly, it’s not as dull as it sounds. Bomberman Land directs the spotlight away from the familiar explosive, multiplayer, strategy game and highlights a series of challenging single- and multiplayer mini-games. The format is very similar to Mario Party: a set of diverse mini-games with simplistic controls holding together a weak plot. Still, it succeeds in many ways. The games are challenging and they make effective use of the Wiimote, keeping the Wii from being just a gimmick. Though it’s more of a consolation prize than the main event, the original Bomberman format is included, but a lack of online play places it in the shadow of Xbox Live’s Bomberman Live. At $29.99, the high replay value keeps this bomb from being a dud.