Grand Theft Auto IV

PlayStation 3

The wait is finally over for the most anticipated game of the year. GTA IV is set in the four boroughs of Liberty City (based on New York City, minus Staten Island). The creators have done a good job with the background, making you feel like you’re actually there, from walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to standing in the middle of Times Square. And the story rivals any modern-day gangster movie, with crooked cops, mob hits and kidnappings being commonplace. The game play is the smoothest it has ever been. On top of the great single-player game, Rockstar has added the multiplayer function, so now you can race, go head-to-head in a deathmatch, or play a good old-fashioned game of cops and robbers. Liberty City delivers the same stress-relieving shoot ’em ups you have come to expect from the GTA series. I’ll have to give the fourth installment the must-have title for the PS3.