Howard TV

Comcast On Demand

If you remember Howard Stern’s old show on E!, you will recall how censored it was. Not anymore. In addition to Sirius radio, Stern’s show is videotaped and available on Comcast On Demand, and he has complete freedom to do anything his twisted mind can come up with. For example, as I write this, I’m watching the episode “Slow Adults vs. Porn Stars,” a trivia show where Howard Stern regulars and members of the “Wack Pack”—Miss Howard Stern, Bigfoot and Mark the Bagger—put their minds to the test against three Internet porn stars. For about 10 bucks a month, you get access to all the Howard TV content you can handle. It changes all the time, with both old and new shows being added daily. Some of my favorite episodes are when Stern and Co. convince Gary the Retard (Stern gave him the name) that he wasn’t retarded anymore, or when a couple of super fans got their junk waxed for tickets to see a roast for comedian (and Stern crony) Artie Lang. Obviously you have to have an open mind and a sense of humor to enjoy these programs.