Green New Year

Start 2012 off right with eco-resolutions

With the New Year comes all the hubbub surrounding New Year’s resolutions. Have you come up with your list yet? Need a little eco-friendly inspiration? The folks at Greenpeace have you covered. Here are five of their top 10 green resolutions. Log onto for the full list, complete with tips on how to follow through. Happy New Year!

1. Eat less meat: A simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Take your bicycle out of the shed: You’ll feel better, cut back on gas costs and help the environment.

3. Make your home more efficient: Switch to double-pane windows and pull out the caulk.

4. Keep your electronics for the year: This one’s a toughie—just say “no” to the newest iPhone or laptop; yours works just fine.

5. Take recycling to the next level: Already consistent with cans and bottles? Try rinsing yogurt containers or starting a compost bin.