No gifts in the landfill

Biodegradable and compostable gifts

The eco-conscious folks at the Treehugger blog have all kinds of green-gift suggestions ( for the holidays. There are 10 categories (from “Foodie” to “Kids”) featuring a total of 100 gifts that have been “carefully curated for thoughtfulness, usefulness, durability and longevity.” Additionally, Treehugger has a list of 10 completely compostable/biodegradable gift options:

Compostable/biodegradable gifts

• Patterned bamboo plates, from Viva Terra ($39/set of four). Made of bamboo, dishwasher safe and unique and beautiful.

• Baby rattles from XKKO Eco ($7): Made from biodegradable cornstarch-based biopolymer plastic, they come in the shapes like stars, heart and a little drum.

• Spud raincoat ($12): A compostable/biodegradable bioplastic coat that contains a small seed pack sewn in that will grow into cucumbers or tomatoes once its “planted” in the compost pile.

• Childrens books from Grow Books ($10-$15): The Chicago-based company’s books, crafts and activities for children are produced with environmentally friendly dyes and on recycled, recyclable/compostable paper. Book topics range from environmental consciousness to dealing with bullies, and if you don’t/can’t compost, send ’em back to the company and they’ll do it for you!

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