Issue: December 01, 2011

Good morning, CN&R readers,

Need an example of corporate America buying off politicians? Here's one for ya: For years, chemical companies have been throwing money at California legislators in an effort to keep them from outlawing the flame-retardant chemicals used in furniture. Despite health concerns, it's worked. Check out this week's feature story, the result of a months-long investigation, for more.

In other news: A former Chicoan who was brought here illegally by his parents when he was just 13 faces deportation--but he's also among the first to test a new immigration policy that could deem him "low priority." We also have stories about the Birdhouse, whose house concerts have become the impetus for an ordinance coming before the Board of Supervisors next week; court workers face layoffs; and much, much more.

In more personal news, this week we bid farewell to Christine LaPado, who's been an integral part of the CN&R's editorial team for several years now as an editor, writer and friend. She's taking off for greener pastures--literally--in the form of a 400-acre farm in upstate New York. Don't worry, though, she'll still be writing her Greenhouse column and contributing stories to the CN&R. Please join us in wishing her well!

Until next time ...

Meredith Graham, managing editor