Café Culture gone for good

The eclectic venue shuts doors for good

Folks who had hopes of seeing a resurrection of Café Culture, Chico’s eclectic, New Age music, art, food and learning center, continue under new ownership will be disappointed. Soon after its closing announcement in late October, owners Greg Fletcher (pictured on the right with Soul Union lead singer Johnny Dutro) and his wife, Praveen Ram, issued a public email saying someone was interested in buying the business and keeping it running. The deal eventually fell through, however, and on Saturday, Nov. 19, one day before their lease expired, the couple moved out the last of the center’s belongings.

“I’m sad for the like-minded community who had a place to do their thing,” Fletcher said.

Ram said she plans to continue selective catering of her Indian food and may offer it under the Café Culture name at festivals. One class the center offered, Dance Church, will continue and be offered at Chapmantown’s Dorothy F. Johnson Center.