Business promoters look to regroup

Chamber, CEPCO ponder reunification

The Chico Chamber of Commerce and the Chico Economic Planning Corp., better known as CEPCO, are looking to get back together after an 18-year split. According to a press release from Steve Gonsalves, CEPCO’s board chairman, the possible reunification is “a way to maximize the beneficial contributions of both organizations,” which are loosely defined as business promoters who use words like “maximize” and “utilize.”

CEPCO was formed in 1985 as a division of the chamber and split away in 1993, according to the press release, “to better utilize their resources” in a growing economy.

“Both organizations have the same mission—to foster a climate in which business can operate profitably, and both organizations see the benefit of this new alignment for greater long-term relevance to the necessary growth of the local economy,” Gonsalves said in the press release.