Green day

Tips for a greener Thanksgiving.

So much green this Turkey Day, you’d think it was St. Patrick’s Day! While all you Chicoans are cheering on local boy Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers during their Thanksgiving Day showdown with the Detroit Lions, why not keep the green theme going by making your holiday greener? Here are a few tips:

Shop local: Go on the hunt for as many in-season, locally grown and produced food items as possible. You might not cover every traditional dish, but maybe you’ll start a new tradition with ingredients you’ve never considered.

Decorate naturally: C’mon, who needs a cheap, pop-up paper turkey? Decorate with live plants, or collect some of autumn’s fallen bounty—leaves, pinecones, etc.—and make a natural centerpiece. And turn off a few lights and make the scene extra warm and special by lighting a few beeswax candles.

Stay vigilant: Don’t get let your recycling guard down when the house fills with guests. Keep everyone in the loop of your recycling system; compost those carrot tops and potato peels; and ditch the paper and plastic products in favor of the real deal.