PG&E pays you to conserve

Reduce your gas, and get paid for it

PG&E is offering its customers an incentive for conserving natural gas by lowering wintertime usage. Not only will your bill go down as your usage goes down, but for those who conserve up to 10 percent less in December and January—as compared to the previous three winters—will get an equal percentage credit off their February and March bills—and those who conserve more than 10 percent will get a 20 percent credit. Visit for a long list of tips on reducing gas usage.

A few quick fixes to save natural gas

• Lower the thermostat to 68 degrees during the daytime if you can. (Each degree of reduction drops heating costs by 5 percent.)

• Keep water-heater temp at 120 degrees (or “normal”).

• Wash clothes in cold water.

• When sunny, open blinds and drapes.

• Reheating small amounts of food in microwave instead of oven reduces cooking energy by 80 percent.