Dope numbers

BINTF’s 2012 drug-arrest numbers

The Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force released its annual report earlier this summer, featuring statistics on drug-related arrests in 2012. Overall arrests were up only one more than the previous year—243 versus 242 (both down from 2010’s 293)—with 43 for major dealers, 168 for possession of (or possession to sell) less than an ounce of controlled substances, eight for cultivation, and 24 for non-drug-related offenses (i.e., parole/probation or weapons violations, etc.). Here are the 219 drug-related arrests by substance in Butte County:

2012 drug arrests

Meth 141

Heroin 10

Marijuana 31

Cocaine 11

Cocaine base 1

Ecstasy 3

Prescription drugs (controlled and non-controlled) 22