American tax money well spent on nuke plant atop Philippines volcano
Big companies have to sell nuke plants abroad to poor countries because we complain too much here. The U.S. Export-Import Bank is a government agency that underwrites exports though taxpayer-backed loans. Westinghouse built the Bataan nuclear power facility in the Philippines for $1.2 billion (150 percent over projections) and situated it near an active volcano. The plant has not produced any energy yet and is providing Westinghouse with profits in the form of the Philippines’ paying $300,000 a day interest on the loan. And we taxpayers helped pay for it. CBS’ 60 Minutes passed on this story (the network is owned by Westinghouse). Also, a Westinghouse head honcho is in charge of the oversight committee of the U.S. Export-Import Bank. (For more, see Alternet’s Top Ten Censored Stories).

Mr. Pink ganked in hillbilly bar
Actor Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the neck after his handsome actor friend Vince Vaughn tried to pick up some redneck’s girlfriend in a North Carolina bar. The stars were taking a break to screw local girls between shoots for a movie called Domestic Dispute. Buscemi, who played Mr. Pink in ultra-dork Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, will likely use the experience to inform his acting in more violent hipster films to come, the likes of which will surely entertain generations of white-trash mouth-breathers like the guy who stabbed him.

Cardiac Kings make me spill my tequila
In a feat that has taken a few years off my life, the Sacto Kings broke an NBA record with their ninth overtime win in a thriller over San Antonio (see: Bobby Jackson kicks ass). As the playoffs loom, a spectacular race is sure to unfold in the West. To get past the first round, the Kings must: 1) rebound well; 2) play better transition defense; 3) find steadier offense besides C. Webb in the clutch; and 4) attack the basket and rely less on outside shooting. If they do all these things, and Peja maintains a hot hand, they will have a good chance of advancing past the first round. Whether they can make it all the way is highly debatable. But being a true fan, I will root for them in victory and defeat. And being multi-millionaires, they will likely be happy whether they win or lose.

Weekly props
1. Studebaker memorial services (4/21)

2. Rocket from the Crypt at the Brick

3. J. Mascis and Mike Watt at Harlows

4. Joey Ramone (Rock in Peace)